About VegBubble

Sprouts & Micro Greens

Welcome Health Lovers!

Vegbubble is an organic farm that produces sprouts and microgreens for more than 60 years. The farm is run by a team of health enthusiasts including nutritionists, agricultural specialists, Ayurveda specialists to ensure the quality and bioavailability of the sprouts and microgreens.

Besides expert team members, Vegbubble is well equipped with all essential modern technologies to ensure the freshness of the grains.

Sprouts & Micro Greens

We have been serving in the local markets for a long time in more than 5 countries. Now, we have launched our online website Vegbubble.com to make the service available for everyone with free shipping.

We ensure fresh and organic sprouts and microgreens that add the blessings of nature to the daily diets. With Veghbubble, you can experience more than 100 types of organic sprouts and microgreens.

Let’s Meet The Team vegBubble

Name: Driptaman Soni I work as a quality assurance executive in VegBubble. It is pleasure working here. I am proud to say that Vegbubble sprouts and microgreens are of top quality, there is no doubt.

Name: Charlotte Gomez. I am a professional Nutritionist, associated with Vegbubble for 5 years. It is a great experience to work with people who are responsible and passionate about customer experience.

Name: Dominic Johnson. I take care of the supply chain. It’s a highly technical process that involves huge care of tender plants.

Name: Indraraj Acharya. As a Co-Founder, I assure the customer experience.